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TW - Major character death, very mild blood and injuries Cedar the mudkip has always been an outcast, but she never let it get her down. Instead of swimming with her peers, she loves to play in the dirt and mud. She wants to be more connected with her ground-type roots, but her tribe only sees themselves as water-types, and everyone she knows sees earth pokemon as silly and useless. Cedar's hopes of meeting like-minded pokemon seem slim, until the day a mysterious desert egg pops up in her village. Upon setting out to bring the egg home, Cedar will embark on a life-changing journey where she'll meet new friends, face villains and hardship, and find roots she never knew she had. Finding Your Roots is an Omega Ruby earthlocke told in the style of Pokemon Mystery Dungeons. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak, and PMD belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Chunsoft.

Let's Talk About the SJ Changes

This news post will be discussing the coming changes to Smackjeeves. You will need to read it to understand this post. Check it out here.

I think it is clear that many of the changes the staff intends for this site will hurt both comic creators and readers. I'm actually pretty eager for some things, like improved mobile browsing and a scrolling option. But a lot of these changes are going to hurt us. The removal of the fans/viewers count, in my opinion, is the most damaging change. Removing it takes away us creators' ability to communicate with our comics, know how many people are reading at once, and gauge reader response to changes in update schedule and whatnot. And it takes away YOUR ability to tell which comics are worth reading and which aren't before you even start a single page. The removal of custom templates is also pretty horrible. Who didn't love opening a comic and seeing its personality flow through its entire site! And on my end, I absolutely loved workshopping my site! Without custom templates, I won't be able to promote FYR's comic dub, provide fun extras, and I won't get to give the site a facelift like it's been needing. It damages the creator experience and the reader experience.

At the moment, I plan to continue hosting on Smackjeeves. And I want Smackjeeves to still be my comics' proper home, but with these changing features, I can't guarantee that'll continue to happen. I've seen a lot of comic artists already speaking about spending less time on Smackjeeves, and some are even considering packing up and moving. Not only is this a terrible burden to force creators to do, but it can also damage our income since a lot of us have patreons. But if the changes are even worse than I predicted, I and a lot of other creators may just have to move away. But I don't want to do that, because I love you guys and I love getting to share my comic with you! I think a lot of other creators feel the same!

So, what do we do? Get loud. If you love Smackjeeves and the creators who post here, and you don't want to see them get f***ed by these changes, then hop on that Contact link at the bottom of Smackjeeves and start complaining. I've already sent an email myself with feedback on the changes and my concerns over the burden this will put on creators. If we stay quiet, then nothing changes. Smackjeeves will change, the creators will leave, and this website devolves into nothingness over the next few years. But the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I don't intend to let this one go without a fight. One person can't do it alone, so if you have concerns about these changes too, hop into Smackjeeves' inbox and start squeaking up a storm. That's the best thing you can do to support Finding Your Roots and the other amazing comics hosted here. Controversy is our friend, guys. Let's weaponize it.

I'll provide more updates on how I intend to react to these changes as we get closer to 2020 and I get a better idea of exactly how things will be different. But for now, I'll be squeaking my way to 2020. I hope you will, too. Let's not let them walk all over us, guys! Let's do this!

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Pokemon: Explorers of Sky Nuzlocke Stream!

Hey all! Starting today, Im gonna be streaming a pmd: explorers of sky nuzlocke for the Nuzlocke Forums! Me, Tailsimp (streamer and author of Step By Step By Step), and Zero (author of Jet's Black Nuzlocke) will all be having a nice time, so maybe join us as we try to save the world of pokemon without dying in the process. :') ((pray for me.))

The stream starts at Saturday 2pm eastern time.

We'll be streaming from here, so pop by if you wanna watch or chat! www.twitch.tv/nuzlockeforums

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Nuzlocke Forums 24hr Stream! Catch Me There!

Hello all! As you may know, my comics FYR and the Adventure Club are cross-hosted on a website called the Nuzlocke Forums, which is basically a central hub for nuzlocke content and discussion. As you probably know, along with being PMD comics, both FYR and Adventure Club are also nuzlocke comics, meaning they're both based on a self-imposed hard mode run of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon FireRed respectively. Myself and my comics are a part of the nuzlocke community, and I consider that community to be very important to my heart. So what does that have to do with all this?

Well this weekend, from Saturday 12pm EDT to Sunday 12pm EDT, the nuzlocke forums is hosting a 24-hour multi-livestream to raise funds to support our move to a new website! The nuzlocke forums is moving hosts because we were once with Tapatalk, but Tapatalk is such a garbage host that we're all packing up and moving to Xenforo. Of course, things like this aren't free, so we're using this stream to save up funds and move to a newer, better website that can support all the content creators who use it.

I will be participating in this multistream as well! On Sunday, from 8am to 11:30am EDT, I will be streaming art of either FYR or Adventure Club pages! I hope you'll come join me there, watch to see how I draw my comic pages, and perhaps even donate to the cause! Thank you again, and I hope to see you there!

You can find a link to my twitch channel HERE, where I'll be streaming at 8am EDT tomorrow.

And in case you want to get in on the fun early, HERE is a link to the nuzforums multistream!

Thanks again, guys! Love you!

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Q&A Closing Early!

Due to the unprecedented influx of questions, the q&a will be closing early! I definitely have more than enough, haha! Ill be taking no further questions after 12pm EDT today. So you have until then to ask!

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Comic Dub!

Hey y'all! Two wonderful folks, Laxmi and Mr. Eevee, are putting together a lil comic dub of Finding Your Roots, and I'm here to help them advertise it! If you're interested in doing a voice or two for the dub of chapter one, you can find the auditions here. The deadline's June 12. Can't wait to hear all your wonderful voices! ^w^

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We update 4x a week now. FYR will be updating Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat to the end of the chapter (aka, June 3). Honestly I wish it would be even faster but if I bumped it up anymore I think the site would kick me out for being a spambot. After that, we'll probably go back to Tues/Thurs/Sat? But it depends on how much more of a buffer I can build during May. So we'll see!

Sorry for tweaking the schedule so much. My patience is just worn out!!! I wanna be out of Rustburrow! NYEEEEGH!

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Screw It!

Okay! Alright! I tried to be patient and keep the update schedule consistent for the whole month, but I am just TOO IMPATIENT! I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! I'M TOO EXCITED FOR Y'ALL TO SEE THESE PAGES!!! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

Finding Your Roots will update three times a week on Tues/Thurs/Sat to the end of the month. |D;;

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Early Update This Week

Hey y'all. Just a little heads up that since I'll be traveling on Tuesday, I won't be able to upload the page that day. Hence, I'll be uploading it a little bit early on Monday! Hope that's alright, and keep an eye out for it tomorrow!

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